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Coasters Luminary Tray Alcohol ink Skeletonized leaves

Created from skeletonized leaves I collected out of the river!


Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks on canvas

FUNDRAISER for Ukraine

100% goes to relief for Ukraine refugees

FUNDRAISER for Ukraine

100% goes to relief for Ukraine refugees

Alcohol ink, ocean, tile, sea shells

Rainbow Note Cards


Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks are brilliant and fun but can also be a challenging medium! These inks only work on nonporous surfaces like ceramic tiles, glass, and special papers like vellum and Yupo paper. There are other surfaces as well, like canvases but they must be sealed first. My canvases are sealed first and then the alcohol ink is applied. There are a variety of techniques to move the inks as well. From using an air source like a hair dryer, compressed air, or even a straw (each yields its own unique result) to actually painting with them. They are challenging because the ink spreads and can be difficult to control. It reacts with other alcohol inks, isopropyl alcohol or blending solution. But with practice it becomes really fun and there are endless possibilities! I teach classes if you're interested in learning this medium! 

Alcohol inks need to be sealed when used on tiles otherwise the ink comes off easily. I seal mine with spray varnish (Kamar, to prevent fading) and then with clear Gorilla Glue. I love it because it really makes the piece pop, is inexpensive, quick and easy (unlike resin).

Tiles (4x4) can be made into coasters or I can add a hanger, unless otherwise specified (like the set of 4 Peacock Coasters) 

Unique, one of a kind art! 

There are more alcohol ink items on the Luminary/Sun catcher, Mixed media and Custom Orders pages.

 *Disclaimer: Most of the tiles I use are repurposed and may have imperfections. 

FUNDRAISER: Ukraine Tile~Sunflower with hearts

100% goes to Ukraine relief! Free shipping

Alcohol ink, ocean, tile, sea shells

Matching set!

Tile 6x6 and luminary

Alcohol ink, ocean, tile, sea shells

Rainbow Coasters


*Canvas Paintings/Sets    *Tiles     *Coasters

*Please specify cork or hanger on tiles

hand painted, alcohol ink, floral, flowers, canvas

Tiles~Trees & Florals

Greeting Cards & Bookmarks 




Alcohol ink, hand painted, landscape, sun

Tile Sets/Misc

Sea Life Tiles 

Nature Tiles 


Tiles 4x2" 


Small Magnets

Abstracts 2" tiles $5

3" tiles $7

Small Magnets

Alcohol ink magnets made out of magnetic sheeting. So fun, easy & quick to make! A free heart magnet is included with every order! <3 <3 <3

Small Magnets~Hand Painted

approx 2x2

Sold Tiles & Magnets

If you see something you like, please let me know, most can be reproduced with similar results! 


Sold Moon & Trees 1, 4x4

Customer purchased tile for vintage trivet



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