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It's very Wintery out there so bring in some Spring to get you through it! Please enjoy 10% off any floral luminary!

floral luminary

Floral Luminaries

Free shipping

Ukraine Fundraiser 


Ukraine Heart Flag Tile

Free shipping

I am taking orders for these tiles/prints in support of Ukraine. Every cent will go to Ukrainian relief through an agency that a friend is associated with (see link below) + free shipping! I'm hoping to have tiles and watercolor prints of both designs available! The tiles will be $20 each, a set of four cards will be $20. I want to offer prints as well (will figure out size & price) Still figuring it all out but wanted to get started right away! Available tiles are on the Alcohol Inks page & the watercolor painting is on the Watercolor page. Thank you for looking, supporting & sharing!

 Customer Appreciation Contest!!! 

Customer Appreciation Contest!! Stay tuned for drawing details! Good luck! 🤞 


A pod of mermaids!

Available on Needle Felted Pieces Page

 June is Pride Month!!! 

In honor of Pride Month, I created some rainbow pieces! Here they all are together, find them on their respective pages 

Alcohol Ink Creations

Rainbow items!

Fun combinations! Ship gifts directly to recipient!Gift wrapping available too! 

matching items

Bold Blooms & Bright Blossoms Canvases

Bold Flowers Luminary

Any of these bright colorful pieces would brighten a blah Winter day! The canvas paintings are listed on the Alcohol Inks page and the luminary on the Luminary page of course. Luminaries ship for free! 

Bee Creations! Buzzzz 

Bee on daisy photo

Photo~Bee on Daisy

$5 (Photography page)

Wildflower Creations!