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Needle Felted Pieces

Needle Felted Mermaids

Needle Felted Mermaids

Mermaid Pod

Needle Felted Fairy~Purple Waldorf Inspired

Needle Felted Critters!

My Critters came about from a session with our mental health patients, in the ArtsCare program. We were working with clay though. The assignment was to create something not of this world! With those parameters, it can't be wrong, anything goes! Once I learned how to needle felt, I had the idea to create an imaginary critter from all the left over little bits of wool. But decided to just start creating a critter with some unusual wool I had been gifted and put that idea on hold. I thought the first one I created was the ugliest thing I had ever needle felted! It sold right away though and she ordered a rainbow one for her granddaughter. I don't give them names, as I want their new humans to name them. Sometimes they have a little personality story though. One of a kind and unique, guaranteed! Please help these critters find their new humans!

OG Critters~​Sold

Imaginary Critters #1 & #2 SOLD

All three OG critters

Before these critters received their new humans, they got into the candy dish! Silly critters! 

Imaginary Critter SOLD


I was so grateful to see this critter find it's new human! She was so happy and she named her Critter Prunella!

Critter Back side

Erin & Prunella

Needle felted, imaginary critter

Imaginary Critter


Critter #4 is just finished! She's a fancy one, (hence the doily) she loves make up and even tried to put on human lips (her lips don't resemble ours at all!) But she nailed the eye shadow! 🤣And she made her tutu all by herself! 💄💋🩰


Orange Mini Critter

Introducing my first mini critter! 🧡 She's 9" long (my other critters are around 15" long) I wanted it smaller than this, so the next one will be even smaller! 

Needle Felted Mermaids!

Needle Felted Fairies!

You've heard of elf on a shelf, this is a fairy in the library! This needle felted Woodland fairy sits on a shelf all year round! She is resting on a moss covered log (with a tiny white mushroom too) accompanied by a little blackbird & she's petting a brown bunny. 8.5" long x 9.5" tall approx

Needle Felted Hearts with handmade clay beads

Needle Felted Hearts w/handmade clay beads

Needle Felted Funky Flowers

I created these as a set but will sell separately. They would be lovely added to a scarf or poncho!

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